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Sukhavati Bali

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Br Bebengan Tangeb Abianbase Mengwi, Denpasar, Bali
Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat & Spa offers one of the first five star luxury Ayurvedic experiences in Bali. Together with our team of highly experienced Ayurveda practitioners and technicians we have developed a unique program combining Ayurvedic treatments, yoga and meditation to balance the mind, body and soul.
Treatment :

Ayurveda is the ancient system of healing originating in India thousands of years ago. In Sanskrit, “Ayur” means “Life” and “Veda” means “Knowledge” so Ayurveda is the “Science of Life” which is based on the profound insights and understanding of the laws of nature cognised by the sages and rishis of ancient times.Ayurveda has spread beyond India and is recognised and practiced worldwide as a unique, holistic and practical system of health. Ayurveda is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a prevention-oriented, comprehensive system of natural medicine which is based on the timeless Vedic knowledge for enlivening the inner intelligence of human nervous system- mind and body. The focus of Ayurveda is on the prevention of disease and rejuvenation of the body, mind and consciousness.
Ayurveda recommends that in order to maintain optimal levels of vitality, clarity and youthfulness, it is important to internally purify the mind and body. Detoxing or removing toxic build up from the body is beneficial in a number of ways. It creates balance in the body which helps it to function efficiency, it boosts the immune system, improves digestion, improves clarity of mind, reduces stress, regulates weight, increases energy, and creates beautiful glowing skin, but most importantly, it is removing the toxic material that causes us to get unwell, so is a great preventative health routine. Detox is a natural part of the body’s process. The body has its own mechanisms to get rid of waste, neutralize toxins and excrete them from the system via the eliminatory channels (skin, bowels, liver, kidneys and lungs) to ensure healthy tissues and that everything runs smoothly. Sometimes when we burden our body with poor food, high sugar, alcohol and late nights, these mechanisms slow down and don’t remove the toxins efficiently.
Our luxurious facials are designed to purify, thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate, decongest and renew the skin. Prepared fresh for every treatment they incorporate healing spices, purifying clay and freshly blended herbs. Combined with marma point head, shoulder, feet and hand massage to create balance to the body’s energy system, the experience will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated on all levels of being. We tailor make our facials for specific skin conditions leaving troubled complexions soothed, balanced and refreshed. Combined with the in-depth purification and rejuvenation of the Panchakarma program it is possible to overcome acne, congested skin, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, scarring and create beautiful, glowing youthful skin.
Weight loss at Sukhavati is an easy and enjoyable process that incorporates mind, body and spirit. By combining the modalities of Ayurvedic therapies, Ayurvedic diet, Yoga and Meditation, weight loss is achievable, sustainable, and accompanied with increased energy, more confidence, better mobility, and a deeper appreciation of your body. Weight loss at Sukhavati is a holistic approach that includes discovering your unique body constitution and foods that support its natural balance, lifestyle recommendations, internal herbal medicines, and external therapies including massage and detoxifying procedures. We teach people how to eat delicious, wholesome food in a mindful way that supports digestion, metabolism and consciously nourishes the body. Weight loss is achieved by creating balance in your unique body type. Something that is unique to Ayurveda is that it does not have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to health. We know that different people respond differently to foods, exercises, daily routines, weather, and environments.
Meditation is an important component to complement our Ayurvedic program, since meditation refines the consciousness while the treatments refine the physiology. We need to allow the mind to take a dive beyond the surface level of thinking to experience the silent unbounded source of thought, the source of all creativity and energy deep within the mind itself. When the mind learns to transcend then finer states of a thought are experienced, this has the natural effect of settling the mind, and the mind comes to know the level of being without a thought. The Success without Stress technique is an effortless mental technique that is easy to learn and enjoyable to practice. Every time you meditate the body gains a profound level of rest and deep relaxation, while the mind remains effortlessly alert. The learning process is conducted step by step in just four sessions. In the first session you will receive individual instruction from a qualified, experienced teacher. The following three sessions build a deeper understanding of the mind from the perspective of ancient Vedic knowledge and modern science.
Sukhavati incorporates daily yoga sessions to assist you in becoming more aware of your body’s posture, alignment and patterns of movement. Yoga relaxes the body and gives more suppleness. The practice of yoga can help you recognise your hidden physical and mental potential by creating more ease in the body and leaving the mind clear and settled. Through the regular daily practice of yoga postures or asanas, you will gain flexibility and strength. This serves well in developing an inner resilience and resourcefulness so that you can maintain poise and inner peace even amidst the stresses and demands of your daily life when you return home.

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