Bali Spa

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Padma Spa

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Plataran Canggu Resort
Jl. Pengubugan, Canggu, Bali
At Padma Spa, follow the petals of the lotus and allow your potential to unfold slowly, embracing first tranquility, then serenity and finally joy. We offer you the space to connect the mind and the heart, leaving you with an uplifting sense of clarity and peace.
Treatment :

The Power of Touch-This signature therapy brings the best massage techniques together with our Padma Lotus Oil in one transformative treatment. Swedish strokes soothebody and mind, while firm Thai techniques tone skin and muscles, acupressure relieves aches and pains, and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi delivers deep nurturing healing. Hot pads placed on the overused muscles of the back and neck further the overall relaxation, leaving you calmed in body and mind, and uplifted in spirit.
Balinese Healing-An intrinsic part of ancient Balinese culture, Balinese massage was influenced by the islands’ Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims, and initially performed by balian (local healers). Cherry picking the best techniques, therapeutic kneading, rolling and pressure point work increases the flow of qi(life energy), stimulating muscles and joints, boosting the circulation, relieving physical and mental stress and initiating a subsequent self-healing.
Deep Tissue Massage-To banish recent or long-term aches and pains, your therapist will identify muscle tension and use deep tissue therapy to release knots. Firm pressure boosts the circulation, flooding the area with healing oxygen while flushing out toxins. Drink plenty of water following the therapy to support this process.
Sole Remedy-A powerful technique borrowed from Traditional Chinese Medicine, reflexology is a precise and intensely healing treatment that targets points on the soles of the feet that stimulate specific internal organs and boost the flow of energy through the body’s meridians. Reflexology master trained, our therapists recommend this treatment whenever feet are tired, as well as before or following a flight.
Pampered Feet-Tired legs will adore the TLC of smooth strokes, soft stretches and delicious relaxation on the soles, toes and legs. Walk away with increased flexibility, a reduction in swelling and strains and an increased sense of wellbeing. Safe for mothers-to-be.
Tiptop Recovery-An express recovery massage dedicated to the most typically overworked areas, your therapist will choose the best techniques for releasing pressure in the head, loosening the neck and allowing the shoulders to relax and drop.
Exquisite Hair-Marrying a tension-busting head, neck and shoulder massage with a deliciously fragrant hair blend using an almond and green tea crème, your body will feel relaxed while your deeply conditioned hair will model a new shine.
Body Scrubs-An absolute treat for the skin, scrubs gently exfoliate the whole body, smoothing away dead skin cells and stimulating nerve endings, leaving the body positively glowing with energy and health. Our scrubs can be booked as a single treatment, when a post-scrub lotion will be applied, or are a perfect add-on before a massage.
Anti-aging – our signature scrub includes the anti-ageing benefits of lotus essential oils mixed with a fine rice powder for a wonderfully fragrant and gentle scrub, strengthening and smoothing the skin.
Enriching – for a deeply cleansing treatment, detoxifying sea salt, calming, fragrant lavender and uplifting, antioxidant-rich orange instill a welcome feeling of wellbeing.
Nourishing – a soft scrub ideal for sensitive and dry skin, this exotic mix of moisturising coconut oil and gentle, grounding oatmeal is intensely nourishing.
Body Cocoons-A deeply relaxing treatment, clear your mind and relax into a body cocoon, allowing the goodness of the ingredients to penetrate your body through the skin and via aromatherapy. The ultimate time out treatment, you’ll come back to reality feeling physically refreshed and mentally energized. Book as a solo treatment, or after a massage or facial.
Soothing – ideal following a hot day under the Balinese sun, aloe vera instantly cools the body, soothing sunburn and other skin issues while accelerating healing.
Rejuvenating – this detoxifying wrap uses citrus oils to boost the circulation, promote the growth of new skin cells and aid healing, while their fragrance calms the nervous system.
Using a delightful organic range that championsnatural and local ingredients like vanilla bean, sandalwood powder, ylang ylang and rice flour, as well as essential oils like geranium, rosemary and rosewood, our products are intensely healing for all types of skin. Bringing in the therapeutic healing of jade, our therapists will use the ancient Chinese healing therapy of a cool jade roller to seal goodness into the skin following the facial massage, tightening and firming the complexion.
Turn Back Time-After a thorough cleansing, your therapist will perform a stimulating facial massage that focuses on firming facial muscles, aiming for a sculpted result, followed by rolling cool jade over the skin to close the pores, reduce any puffiness and relax wrinkles. Natural and yet results-driven, this is the ultimate in relaxing facials, leaving you with a radiant glow.
Detoxifying Facial-This stimulating facial works on key points to detoxify and rejuvenate your complexion. Your therapist will massage the face, as well as the scalp and ears, energizing trigger points, before the jade roller soothes and calms the complexion, leaving your face tightened and toned.
Express Facial-The focus of this Tui Na mini-facial is the facial massage, where over 20 acupuncture points will be activated, helping to unblock the body’s meridians and resulting in a short but sweet relaxing therapy.
Padma Indulgence-Our signature journey starts with a relaxing foot ritual and moves onto our skin-reviving Anti-aging body scrub, followed by an hour’s Power of Touch massage. Your complexion will then receive a nourishing makeover with our Express Facial. Finally it’s time for a soak in our lotus bath with refreshments and treats.
Honeymoon Package (for him)-Banish recent pressures during this series of indulgent treatments.After our relaxing foot ritual comes our Deep Tissue massage, during which our therapist will target your body’s aches and strains.Traces of fatigue will be smoothed with our Detoxifying Facial, and your feet will get the energising treatment of our Pampered Feet massage. Finally, immerse yourself into a relaxing bath for two, with a glass of Kir* and deliciousspa treats.
Honeymoon Package (for her)-A journey that restores from head to toe, start with our foot ritual followed by a grounding Padma Signature massage blended with our healing hot pads on the back and neck. Next your complexion gets the full treatment with a Detoxifying Facial, followed by our nurturing Pampered Feet.Finally soak in a bath for two, relaxing with the scent of lotus, a glass of Kir* and spa treats.
Manicure de Jour-Treat hard working hands with this indulgent manicure, which starts with a warm soak, a gentle exfoliation that massages dead skin cells away, and a professional perfecting manicure. Finish with a soothing hand and arm massage, and an application of the polish of your choice.
Pedicure de Jour-Open shoes are tough on feet, so give back with a fragrant foot soak, stimulating scrub and detailed pedicure that will leave them looking and feeling like new. Our polish by OPI includes bold choices like Big Apple Red or classic neutrals.
Mini-mani-For a super-fast flawless result, our mini-mani soak, scrub, trim and polish change leaves hands looking like they’ve had the full treatment.
Mini-pedi-Change your look from elegant day to evening chic, or vice versa, with this express cleanse, buff and polish change.

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