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Yoga Bali India

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Bali India Foundation
Jl. Dr. Muwardi No. 3, Denpasar, Bali
Bali-India Foundation provides Ayurveda therapies and Yoga classes for beginner to advance student.
Treatment :

Ayurvedic Facial
In Ancient Indian Ayurvedic facial milk, buttermilk, ubtan ( using gram flour), Neem leaves, almond oil, honey, ghee, fresh tomato and cucumber, mud, multani mitti, Chandan oil, rose water, turmeric much more traditional herbs used.
Jambeera panda Sweadan
Medicated lemon and crushed coconut used in Jambeera Kizhi. It removes the dirty smell of body, smoothens and brightens the skin, have anti ageing property. Good for facial and new wedding couples.
Navara Kizhi
Navara is type of red rice boiled for half hour used to sweating the body
Patra Pinda Swedan
An ancient Ayurvedic treatment which means Patra ‘leaves’, pind ‘pouch’, swedan ‘heat’. 5-10 types of medical plant leaves like neem (Ayurvedic herbal plant), dhatura Alba leaves (this plant used in Ayurveda to dressing the wounds), nirgundi (skin tonifying property), amla used in this treatment to give herbal heat to the body.
Kizhi Therapy (the hot herbal pouch)
Warmed pouch of herbs, plants, roots and herbal powder used in Kizhi Therapy. With this therapy natural herbal heat (sewadan means heat) is given to the body. On application, the heat induces sweating; thereby helping to bring toxins to the surface of the skin, then once the pores are open, skin absorbs the properties of […]
Mud Therapy
Mud Therapy is one of the Naturopathy treatments as it employs one of the five great Elements of Panchamahabhutas. TheseFive elements are Ether, water, fire, earth and air. Mud therapy is unsurprisingly utilizes Earth as it is main healing ingredients. Mud absorbs dissolves and elements toxins from beneath the skin’s surface, opens the pores and […]
Akshi Tarpan
Akshi tarpan is an oral eye care treatment to help with eye strain, dryness of eyes, poor sight and eye related problems. Akshi Tarpan is one of the Vasthi treatments. Also this treatment makes eye muscles strong, keeps eyes cool. For a patient two weeks course is suggested, but can be conducted according the requirement […]
Janu Vasthi
To cure joint pain, stiffness of knee joint and removes tiredness
Griva Vasthi
Similar with Kati vasthi the medicated oil poured on the neck region to cure neck related problems like neck pain, neck stiffness.
Kati Vasthi
In Kati vasthi warm medicated herbal oil poured on to the enclosed area of lower back. Kati vasthi cures the affective abdomen, lower back pain, menstrual and urinary tract disorder. The gentle administration of warm, soothing oil on the back can be extremely pleasant.
Ayurveda Vasthi is introduction of herbal and medicinal concoctions in a liquid medium into and onto the body. Vasthi includes external areas such as eyes, lower back, head and the chest region. Medicinal vasthi removes wastes and toxins from the body, balance the function of doshas.
The usage of medicated cow’s milk for conducting shirodhara is known as kshiradhara. The procedure is usually conducted for treating insanity, loss of sleep, burning sensation of the head and body etc.
Yogurt (lassi) is used in takradhara treatment. The procedure to administer in people, where there is excessive vitiation of kapha principle is present. The diseases such as uncontrolled diabetes, eczema, diseases of eyes, heart diseases, headache improves the sensory perception.
Shirodhara is most popular treatment of Ayurveda. ‘Shiro’ means head and ‘dhara’ means pouring the herbal medicated oil continue on the forehead. Medicated oil, milk, buttermilk or ghee poured over the head and scalp. It is seen as a stimulating procedure for the nervous system and is prescribed for bringing down aggravated vata conditions such […]
In Udwarthanam massage done by dry herbal powder not oil, udwarthanam is vigorous, energizing and not for the faint hearted. Dry herbal powders, chosen according to one’s dosha, are rubbed to skin in the opposite direction to hair growth with repeated movements. The friction of the powder during the massage creates tone and reduces fat […]
Nasya Therapy
Nasyakarma is nasya (nose) therapy. Few drops of medicated oil poured in both nostrils which bring out all dirt in the form of cough. Herbal smoke is given to purify the senses. It is very effective purification technique which cures 33 diseases such as asthma, sinusitis, headache, flue, cough, stress, tooth disorders, rhinitis, tonsillitis, glandular […]
Marma Massage
Pressure points are known as marma. They are found at junctures of the body where two or more tissues, muscles, veins, ligaments, bones or joints meet. Ayurveda states that every marma points are placed at a junction of different channels of prana movements in the body. Prana is considered the subtle vital energy that pervades […]
Shiro Abhyanga Shiro Abhyanga is Ayurvedic head massage. Medicated oil chosen in Shiro Abhyanga according one of dosha. Very good to cure headache, stress, Migraine etc, smoothen skin, makes hair long and strong.
Abhyangam is an Indian traditional performed with lashings of medicated herbal oil chosen according to one’s dosha. It employs long strokes, mainly with full palm involved and the all pressure movements are in the direction of blood circulation for the trunk to the extremities and up to down.The reverse hand movements are passive without […]

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