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Villa Rob

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Villa Rob is a modern three bedroom residence located in a suburban quarter of Kerobokan. Removed from the hectic pace of mainstream tourism, this tastefully appointed property features all necessary home comforts to ensure a relaxed stay.Villa Rob is the ideal base for a small family choosing to travel around Bali at leisure and take each day as it comes. Without all the rules and regulations of standard hotel accommodation, Villa Rob enables guests to come and go as they please.

Location : Seminyak
Price : US$ 110 – US$ 150
Setting : Individual Villa Compound
Bedrooms :

Friendly Location
Located in the residential neighbourhood of Kerobokan, Villa Rob is just a short drive from the stylish shopping, wining and dining scene of Seminyak. It is a family friendly area where members of the local community readily accept all newcomers.

The tourist playground of Kuta is 15 minutes by car to enjoy a day at Bali’s legendary beach or just experience a mesmerising sunset. Strategically positioned to embark on excursions around the island, Villa Rob is also just a 20 minute journey to the airport.

Family Orientated
Designed as a family residence for short term rental, Villa Rob features a stylish living environment with a dining area and fully equipped galley kitchen. Woven banana leaf furnishings together with contemporary artworks give this space an exotic appeal.

An inconspicuous service area at the side of the villa incorporates a store room, maid’s room and laundry as well as a lock-up garage for a private vehicle. Domestic travellers can use these additional quarters to accommodate an accompanying driver or nanny.

Tasteful Design
Only one bedroom with an adjacent bathroom facility is located downstairs. The upper level reveals a small sitting room, a compact study alcove and a terrace. Full length glass doors open wide to catch the refreshing afternoon breeze.

The spaciously appointed master bedroom comes with a canopied bed for adult indulgence. A walk-in-robe provides direct access to the bathroom that features a separate tub and shower recess. The third bedroom has a restful décor in earthy tones.

Outdoor Charm
The entire back section of Villa Rob is dominated by a generous sized swimming pool with just a strip of native flora to add a touch of tropical greenery. Reclining chairs along with an outdoor table setting are positioned at one end to enhance outdoor pleasure.
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