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Teba House Ubud Bali

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Teba House is a home stay with cheap budget that is located in the earth of Ubud Bali, a famous village with the beautiful nature and Balinese Art. It offers the comfortable accommodation in the center of real Balinese society life in Ubud Bali. It is situated in the form of Balinese traditional village close to the religious, social and art activities. It provides the real budget accommodation and personality of the Balinese charming services for holiday in Bali. The rooms are designed with Balinese architectures and it is surrounded by the lush tropical garden that is dominated by the tropical orchid.

Teba House is shares of Bali Cheap Accommodations offering competitive and reachable price. It is located in the artistic area with the religious atmosphere and famous with the high level cultural such as Bali traditional painting that had been created by the famous artist in the world. The hospitality and friendly services from the owner Mr. Ketut and Mrs. Made with their entire staff makes your stay more enjoyable.

Type of Rooms:
Standard Room

The Standard Room is designed with Balinese Architecture with 24 meters square and own private balcony, private bath room with hot and cold running water, king size bed, Cloth Cabinet, dressing table, ceiling fan, wash basin and standing shower.
Bali Cheap Hotels, Teba Guest House, Ubud BaliSuperior Room
The Superior Room is designed with Balinese Architecture with 30 meters square has big private balcony, private bath room with hot and cold running water, ceiling fan, twin bed, cloth cabinet, dressing table, wash basin and standing shower.

Deluxe Room

It is a new room with spacious bedroom consisted of king size bed. There is only one unit available in the hotel featured by private balcony, bathroom with hot and cold running water and air-conditioning control. It is designed based on Balinese architecture and integrated to the tropical atmosphere and set in front of beautiful lush tropical garden.
Super Deluxe Room

It is also the new room set on upstairs overlooking to the beautiful of Ubud Village. It is featured by the king size bed, private bathroom, balcony and air-conditioning control. There is only one unit available in the hotel with spacious bedroom and surrounded by tropical atmosphere.

Guest Room
The room are designed totally comfort with king size and twin bed set up has 24 meters square completed with the facilities:

  •     Bali Cheap Accommodation, Teba Guest HousePrivate Balcony
  •     Private bath room
  •     Hot and Cold Running water
  •     Cailing fan
  •     Shower
  •     Dressing table
  •     Cloth Cabinet

Other Facilities

  • Wi-Fi Internet Access
  • Laundry services
  • Rent Car
  • Rent Motor Bike
  • Rent Bycicle
  • Tour around Bali
  • Balinese Dance ticket
  • Refrigerator free of charge

Location :

Address : Jalan Sugriwa, 59 Ubud-Bali, Indonesia

Present by:

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